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IT Solution

We are giving the best services in IoT Solution, Smart Home Living Thing, VAS, Digital Smart Card Services, Web development, Web portal, Mobile solution, Solution for organization, Advanced Security System, Factory Automation and Sensor System (Wired/Wireless).

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IoT Solution

An IoT Solution is a seamlessly integrated bundle of technologies, including many sensors that companies can purchase to solve a problem and/or create new organizational value. They provide a safe environment to operate in and help achieve business growth.

The aim is to create an ecosystem that combines various digital components to develop a seamless communication path between devices and people. It would ultimately ease operations on multiple levels.

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Smart Card Solution

VVIP 9 is Smart Business Card or Smart Card Solution.

Around 2022, businesses began to use QR Scan Smart Business Cards instead of traditional paper business cards. VVIP 9 (Smart Business Card) is a smart business card that uses NFC technology and has very useful functions. VVIP 9 is a Smart Business Card (Smart Card Solution) that stores a lot of your information and can only give the information you want to give to your acquaintances.

VVIP 9 (Smart Business Card) will share your information with your acquaintances with just a touch of the phone.

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Telecom & Value-Added Services Solutions

We offer a variety of value-added services allowing subscribers to take full advantage of their unit's many features while giving telecom operators the opportunity to create new revenue streams. These services include SMS Gateway; Mobile Data Acceleration, Optimization, and Caching Solutions; Roaming Solutions; and Salary Load.